50 Things..

1. I have been an only child the middle child and the youngest at least once in my life.
2. I have had the same two best friends for over 10 years.
3. I have been to California when I was 16.
4. I have grieved my mothers death and three years later still do sometimes.
5. I have watched my mom get addicted to pain meds and not because she wanted be.
6. I have co raised my baby brother from the time I was 7.
7. I have been told it will be extremely difficult for you to get pregnant when all I've ever wanted was to be a mother.
8. I have started rasing a puppy instead named Gracie :)
9. I have fallen in love at the very young age of 15.
10. And experienced love again at age 17.
11. I have been with my fiancé for now 4 years 2 months and 11 days.
12. I have planned a wedding at least three times but we keep postponing it due to finances.
13. I have watched my black lab pass away who I had as a pup when I was young.
14. I have killed many plants and many fish but I always get more.
15. I have eaten things I shouldn't.
16. I have only done one drug and that was weed but that was many years ago.
17. I have now gone in March 5 years without seeing my father.
18. I have come to find I should live in New York because of my fashion sense and not everyone appreciates it where I'm from.
19. I have been to Missouri more than at least 40 times.
20. I have decided I wanna be a psychologist one day.
21. I have realized I'm excellent at giving advice but horrible at taking my own.
22. I have a horrible sweet tooth esp when it comes to ice cream.
23. I have found I'm not a big drinker but love fruity wine.
24. I have very wavy hair naturally but prefer it straightened.
25. I love makeup and making myself pretty but somedays I just like to be lazy and not do my hair or makeup.
26. I am obsessed with clothes.
27. I have never owned my own car but when taxes come I will for the first time.
28. I have always wanted to travel out of the states but Cody is afraid of heights.
29. I have kissed a girl I never felt any connection to.
30. I have gotten very strong feelings for a woman I've never kissed.
31. I have always fantasized about being with a woman but never have because I'm afraid of not knowing what I'm doing.
32. I have only told a hand full of people I am bisexual.
33. I have been to Tennessee but was to young to remember so I wanna go back someday.
34. I have an amazing relationship with my bed haha
35. I can be super tired when heading to bed but as soon as I lay down I'm wide awake.
36. I have a small form of OCD but never had it until starting to work at Walmart lol
37. I have little triggers that people say that reminds me of my mom and makes me sad (ex: when called baby girl).
38. I have always loved to write short stories then moved onto novels and would get like three chapters in and get bored so id stop and then later on delete it and regret it.
39. I am started to run out of things I've done haha.
40. I have a really bad habit of chewing my hair when I'm nervous or twirling it or rubbing the ends across my face it sounds weird but I've done it since I was like 5 lol.
41. I have a pet peeve when people ask me things they already know the answers to.
42. It's also a pet peeve when people ask me something I just answered to someone else sitting in the same room, god that irritates me!
43. I have to the middle of my back long hair and it has taken me since Jan 11' when I cut it past my shoulders to get it this long.
44. My dad is an artist and a musician but I suck at drawing and ain't the best singer.
45. I have been sexually molested when I was 10 which scarred me for life when no one believed me when I told a family member.
46. I have gone back and forth from blonde and brunette since my mom let me start dying my hair.
47. That
48. Is
49. All
50. I can think of lol.

Thanks for reading :)

exploringmyworld91 exploringmyworld91
22-25, F
Jan 10, 2013