50 Things I've Done Or Do

1) worked at a theme park
2) had my chakras balanced in Glastonbury UK
3) love to make people laugh
4) stopped a suicide jumper at my college dorm
5) rescue and foster animals
6) been struck by lightning (ok it was my umbrella but I felt it)
7) fell off a curb and fractured my foot
8) traveled to England, France & Canada
9) felt spirits/energy
10) fall for the wrong guys
11) spend too much time on the computer
12) made an actor on stage that I didn't know break character
13) learned how to walk again at 23
14) had a breast reduction
15) won $250 in nickles in Vegas
16) continued a pen pal relationship with someone since I was 8
17) have a motorcyle's license
18) can't roll my Rrrrrs
19) riden a roller coaster backwards
20) been with a loved one when they died
21) built websites
22) donated blood for research
23) am a big goof
24) like to make homemade gifts
25) been on TV to present adoptable animals
26) had the front axle of my vehicle brake while on the freeway
27) bite my lip
28) sleep on my tummy
29) never truly been in love
30) like to please people
31) been in a helicopter
32) tearfully put pets to sleep
33) won a spelling bee
34) won an art contest
35) graduated college
36) played the guitar
37) had a walrus spit on me
38) saw Elvis in concert when I was 9
39) was in a coma for 2 1/2 months
40) worked with children
41) explored my ancestry
42) met some celebrities
43) am a dog lover
44) dread social events
45) been to an army base with people who had drugs on them
46) witnessed speaking in tongues
47) suffered through dance cotillion
48) was given a car
49) love to do random acts of kindness
50) treasure my small but mighty group of friends
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I loved this. It sounds like you have had so many interesting events and experiences in your life, both good and bad . I had to look up Cotillion as I had no idea what it was, I think maybe we normally call it the Quadrille over here.

Thank you :) I'm looking for more 'good' for my second fifty! I'm not sure if Quadrille is it or not, it wasn't a specific dance but more like learning waltzes and whatnot. Although... I think we did learn the Hustle :)


wow good or wow bad?!

Well, of course there are some that are not pleasant! LOL so it's wow...quite a lot of experiences. I am going to try to do this, but to be honest, I don't think mine will be so interesting! Thanks for sharing all of that. :)

I bet yours will be interesting! I spent a few days thinking about mine... thinking about different times in my life. Actually it was kind of a neat memory exercise, as I had forgotten some of those things LOL. Experiences you had that may seem no big deal to you will be fascinating to everyone else :) I look forward to reading yours!

Well don't you read your list now, and think wow!!!

I think it's the ones that were completely out of the blue that "wow" me like 6, 12 & 37. BTW I failed to mention I was very excited and laughing in delight when I was leaning over the edge of the pool at the walrus, ready to feed him a squid or some slimy thing and his happy anticipation of spit actually went into my mouth. Now that is really a "wow" LOLOL

Ewww! LOL

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well number 6 / 11 /17 /19 / 22 / 29 / 30 / most of the rest i have done but not the same as you

We have quite a few shared experience then jvcs, some pleasant, some not so much but they make up our lives.

it formed the person i am to day but my child hood was bad and affected my life to this day

Wow! you have been through and experienced allot of life, you have a ways to go yet, I bet it's exciting :)

I hope I have a ways to go! I am thankful for now and what may be yet to come :))

I know you do, you are full of life :)

THANK YOU! I should do the same... Make you grateful for the life you are living

Thank you for your comment! When I think about my life it doesn't seem very extraordinary, but thinking on it I realized there have been some extraordinary events. I'm sure you've had many too!