50 Things Ive Done

1. Been in a local commercial on television.

2. Went to the beach with three guys I hardly knew in college.

3. Visited the Pyramids in Egypt.

4. Practiced kissing on my closet wall as a child.

5. Stole a microphone from a bar while dancing (only thing I ever stole and I was drinking at a brides maid party, so I don't think I really thought about it)

6. Looked at my brother's Playboy magazines when he wasn't home as a

7. Stood on my hands in the pool and walked.

8. Held a snake.

9. Rode a camel, a donkey and a horse.

10. Was a "Dancing Boot" for local football team as a child. ( Dancing drill team)

11. Translated during a C-section. (English to Arabic)

12. Cut people's hair, without schooling.

13. Rafted the Nanatahala.

14. Climbed Mt Mitchell.

15. Fractured my elbow and did nothing for it.

16. Had a romantic relationship with another woman.

17. Walked in the rain.

18. Wore shorts with one pocket missing therefore showing my panties. (In college. I don't know what I was thinking. Big big hole!)

19. Had an affair with a co worker.

20. Gotten 3 tattoos.

21. Stayed up all night.

22. Considered suicide (just thoughts years ago)

23. Had a kitten thrown on my back. Ow. (Thanks big bro)

24. Been locked out of the house, barefoot in the ice. (Bro again)

25. Battled an eating disorder since college.

26. Hit a man.

27. Had an argument over religion, with a stranger in a parking lot.

28. Shaved my hair to about an inch.

29. Given a friend about 10,000 dollars, just because they needed it. (no one knows this)

30. Survived abuse of every type.

31. Ate frosting from a can (chocolate of course).

32. Cooked scrotum (relax men, from sheep and goats)

33. Made a flotation device out of jeans.

34. Played many hours in a concrete plant.

35. Rode a motorcycle.

36. Two surgeries in my life, tonsils removed and rotator cuff.

37. Cooked for hundreds of people at a time.

38. Dressed from a bikini to a full burqa (nothing showing but eyes and hands)

39. Felt drilling of my teeth even while under anesthesia.

40. Slept with 5 different nationalities.

41. Worn silk boxers to a pj party.

42. Made love in a bathroom, an outside hot tub and in the car while person was driving.

43. Been across the Siani desert in a bus.

44. Swan in the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific oceans and the Red Sea.

45. Climbed a tree.

46. Found gold while gold mining.

47. Taken piano lessons.

48. Had cats, dogs, rabbits, and fish as pets.

49. Smoked marijuana.

50. Had a random girl pierce my top ear cartilage.

I feel I've cleansed my soul...don't judge people.
soulrunher soulrunher
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What an incredible selection of facts Soul!....there are so many questions I want to ask....

Why is it none of this surprises me about you. :o)

WOWOWOWWW!!!! I knew you were amazing but this seals it!!

*has a million questions*

I think I should write one of these....

and how did I miss this one?????

How did you miss this?? LOL There are still some you haven't seen, that's why I am rotating. Im not writing much these days so looking up old stuff..

Well...that is a very interesting list, you are living life, I see yours was a challenge also. Thank you for sharing :)

PS...I'm really glad you cleared up #32, I was scared for a second :(

LOL...yeah, didn't want to scare anyone! :) Thanks

I've never had the nerve to even eat prairie oysters...

I never ate them, I just cook them for the husband...ewww, and the scrotum, yuck! LOL

Ha ha, your funny, how'd the husband handle them?

Oh, he likes them. He is used to them and kidneys and hearts, I do them all! Blahhh
Im a picky eater...I hardly eat any meat anyway, no way Im eating those!

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WOW! ;)
These are awesome, and fascinating! Kinda fun looking back, huh? :) What a testament to someone who is really living their life! thanks for sharing!

It was fun. Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

Oh you're a adventures individual!!! And a little wild lol. I love it :)

Oh, maybe you shouldn't read all of mama's secrets....LOL

But mom!! *pouts* lol

Well, I was going to say 'yer ****** cool', but you said 'don't judge' ;-)

Hugs! :)

{{{{HUGS}}}} baby.... ;-)

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing those facts about you and your life experiences. It's always fun to get to know more about someone. You're awesome!

Thanks AW, hugs.

As much as we've talked, I feel I know you so much better now. Thanks for sharing all of this.

Thanks for reading. It's actually hard. But when I finished I was surprised.

Just documentation of how amazing you are.

Oh stop!

Not a chance. You are an amazing woman. You should shout it from the rooftops!

Okay. I will go do that right now...hold please! :))

Let me know how it goes...

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