1. I have read a little exerpt from "11 minutes", but otherwise I haven't actually read anything by Paolo Coelho - so far
2. In 1991 I listened to Terence Trent D'Arby: "To the outside world I will not be defined. 'Cause I'm neither fish nor flesh".
3. I have played football. I did it in the eighties. I was rather clumsy, but in one of my last years, I actually was the main goal-getter It didn't seem to matter that much, nobody seemed to take it that seriously.
4. Had lots of nightmares - a couple of times violent nightmares, at other times painful memories from the past, or memories of things that weren't painful, but are painful when replayed, more often very strange, innocent dreams, that still make me wonder
5. Composed lots of music on piano
6. Read thousands of books
7. Hiding myself a lot
8. I once changed my avatar to "BLILLY" - for no apparent reason at all - well - it sounded a bit like "bully"
9. I had been afraid to fly planes for some years, but I broke the curse last year. I didn't even think about it when I was in the air.
10. Been to France. I was there in 1987 and in 1998. Both times with my family. We were driving to France. Everybody drove very fast on the autobahn. And people in motorcycles driving really fast in the autobahn? I have no idea how they dare to do it. But then I'm not that much of a dare-devil myself, with a few notable exeptions
11. I have deleted many of my EP-stories - about 40, I would think. I copy them and send them to myself on Hotmail first. I'll sort it out one day - literally.
12. I have been on Facebook for about 6 years. I have been really surprised about how quick some people have added me - people I thought had forgotten me.
13. Been weak most of my life
14. I used to listen to "Dirty mind" by Prince on my super woofer casette-player
15. I have studied political science. I don't think I had very much talent for the subject, but I worked and worked and worked on it, and got really good grades. Now I'm really interested in politics, but I don't like to discuss politics - I only do it with a selected few. 
16. I once wrote a story on a social network-site called The experience project. I called it "Everybody", and it was about bullying, racism, shirtless people, nameless people, newspapers, and our endless need to compare ourselves with other people. By accident - or maybe it wasn't an accident - I deleted the story, and then I had to re-write it, because I thought it was a good story, in a funny kind of way, but I was very hungry when I rewrote it, I hadn't eaten all day, so I may have to rewrite it again. 
17. Read about Benjamin Franklin
18. I have been surprised by the way some women prefer really bad guys. 
19. I have loved the idea that we all should  respond with autencity, support and respect here on EP. It's a really great and heart-warming idea, and I am glad that there are people that really do just that. The world may be a better place if we all acted that way. 
20. Read about Mozart
21. Been embarassed about myself
22. Dreamt of not going to church when I was a kid
23. Spent countless hours in the library
24. Read about Albert Einstein
25. Spent about three hours in the shower with a couple of my friends after gym in junior school
26. Been to a shrink
27. Been in a car-accident
28. Lived in a city where some people didn't answer me when I said "hello" to them. I was young and insecure, and it made a big impression on me
29. Spent lots of time alone when I was a child. Well, not all alone, but I played a lot with myself. 
30. My first Prince-concert I saw in 1985. It was late at night, my broter woke me up, and it was transmitted live via sattelite from Syracause. He played 19 songs - started with "Let's go crazy" and ended with "Purple rain". I didn't know him well back then, but soon got to know him. Not personally, of course. Just some days after this concert, he released "Around the world in a day" and announced that he would stop touring. That didn't last very long...
31. Watched tennis on TV
32. Visited my grandfather. He gave me a very old-fashioned alarm-clock which made such a noice that I almost jumped out of bed
33. Taken care of a cat
34. Talked like a cat
35. I have been to a Pink Floyd-concert. It was on the "A momentary lapse of reason"-tour. They started with "Shine on you crazy diamond", which is one of my favorite songs. It didn't feel like a historical event right there and then, a couple of days later it felt more like a historical event. When I go through Pink Floyd-stuff on YouTube - as I do a lot - I must say that the highlight for me is David Gilmours' "Live in Gdansk"-concert. I was dancing naked in my apartment watching that concert in the summer of 2012.
36. Listened to Crowded House. I remember so well listening til "Recurring dream" in 2001. "Not the girl you think you are" really hit me. I remember so well playing it for my sisters husband. "Together alone" are my favorite album by Crowded House. It is a surprisingly good record.
37. Burnt my fingers, to show how tough I am
38. I have a tendency to change avatars very often. They don't really say much about me - it's just little paintings with text that I make on my computer.
39. Eaten a sandwitch at the airport
40. I have realized that my life will be short - I am not going to be here for a long time. But I am going to do the best I can with the time I have left, and do my best to spread as much love as I can - although I doubt that the world is driven by love - I don't think that the world really is driven by love - at leats not love alone - I don't think the world would look as it actually does if it were. Studying political science was a nightmare for me in that respect - learning more and more and more and more about how the world really is.
41. I once wrote a little story on The experience project - a social networking-site called "Scream", where I stated that I never scream
42. Been shy in the gym
43. Compared myself to others
44. I have experienced things that have been so embarassing that it's almost impossible for me to incomprehend.
45. Practiced love
46. Freezed a lot
47. Been very hot in the summer
48. Played tennis
49. Been beaten by a girl
50. Written thousands and thousands of letters
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Must say 36 jumped out to me, I love Crowded House :-) xx

That is great. Me too!