50 Things

A while ago "50 Things" videos were popping up all over the place on YouTube.

In the video you're meant to say 50 things you've done or had done to you. The only difference here is that it's in writing.

So if you still don't get it here is my list of 50 things:

  1. I’ve cut my own hair.
  2. My relatives have teased me about my self-cut hair.
  3. I have never broken a bone.
  4. I used to collect Beanie Babies.
  5. I went to Paris for a week as a school trip. I loved it!
  6. Pretended to be talking on the phone to look cool.
  7. Fallen down the stairs.
  8. Collected Pokémon cards, watched the show and played Pokémon yellow obsessively.
  9. I dropped out of Sixth Form after only a month.
  10. Enrolled in home study courses.
  11. Dropped out of my home study courses after a year.
  12. I don’t have any piercings.
  13. Lain in the middle of the street in Spain in the dead of night.
  14. Shared a bedroom with my sister for a week, only to have my mum move everything back when we were at school.
  15. Been bitten on my face by my dog.
  16. Got stitches.
  17. Camped in a tent in my garden with my best friend and sister.
  18. Been a Rainbow, Brownie and Girl Guide.
  19. Joined gymnastics for only one day.
  20. I’ve never been to a concert.
  21. I crashed my sister’s bike head on into a car while I was riding it. I flipped over the handlebars onto the car’s bonnet.
  22. Tried to go to Hadrian’s Wall but couldn’t find it.
  23. I’ve written a letter, on behalf of my friends and I, to tell a girl we didn’t like her and didn’t want her to hang around with us anymore.
  24. Made only two girls cry (one’s my sister and I’ve made her cry more than once).
  25. Never been kissed romantically.
  26. Made a comic book.
  27. Accidentally killed a bird.
  28. I’ve sung in a choir.
  29. My sister and I have shared a very very long strange dream.
  30. I’ve eaten dog treats because I thought it tasted nice.
  31. Been spat on more than once.
  32. Visited five different countries (Wales (countless times), Scotland (once), France (once), Greece (once) and Spain (two times)).
  33. Didn’t go to prom.
  34. Someone chucked a banana at me from a moving bus. It really hurt!
  35. Put tomato ketchup and tea all over one of my dad’s shirts for a costume for a play.
  36. Walked down the middle of a very busy main road.
  37. Been hit on by a Greek guy while I was in Greece.
  38. Been complimented on my breast size by a friend.
  39. I was and still am one battle away from finishing Sonic’s story in Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast.
  40. Collected a whole bunch of ants and put them, along with some leaves and twigs and stuff, into a toy baby bath with the intention of keeping them as pets. They all died.
  41. I’ve known three people whom have died of cancer.
  42. I have tried writing three books (not at the same time!) and haven’t finished any of them.
  43. I’ve stayed up all night just to finish reading a book.
  44. I know who to go to to get illegal drugs.
  45. My best friend and I found a dirty magazine in my dad’s filing cabinet. I told him I found it (after we had looked through it of course! ^^) and he through it away.
  46. My sister has locked me out of the house. We had an argument and she locked the door with me standing right there. I was out there for hours because I was scared to knock on the window and ask my mum to let me in. When I did she told me off and not my sister!
  47. I’ve had to be held down and have my eyes held open so someone could give me eye drops, more than once.
  48. I’ve copied a friend’s coursework because I left it so late and had no idea how to do it. I changed bits of it so my teacher wouldn’t know. (It was a wedding planner program thingy.)
  49. I like making music videos of my favourite TV shows and movies.
  50. Have been told that I could be a model many times throughout my life.

It's a bit like the list of groups you're a part of but a cut down version. So people can read your list and quickly get to know you. Also you can share those experiences that would never have a group (like number 47!).

Now it's your turn! It's a lot harder to think up 50 things than you think so see if you can do it. Have fun!

UnseenBlossom UnseenBlossom
18-21, F
3 Responses Nov 10, 2008

I didn't go to prom either.

I'm not sure there is any significance in the order. You could order them in a specific way if you want to, although I'm not sure how you would order them...

This is an Interesting group UB. What do you think of the significance of the placement of things on peoples list, if any?