50 Things I've Done

50 is a lot, but I'll try to come up with some noteworthy stuff! :)

1.) Gotten married.

2.) Had a baby.

3.) Held a human brain.

4.) Been to Hawai'i.

5.) Become an ordained minister via the Internet.

6.) Eaten laulau.

7.) Mooned people out of the back of a church bus.

8.) Made my own soap.

9.) Made my own jewelry.

10.) Made candles.

11.) Had stitches.

12.) Torn off my entire big toenail.

13.) Gone snorkeling.

14.) Quit smoking after 7 years.

15.) Took a class in college called "Serial Killers" as a part of earning my CJC degree.

16.) Had amnesia.

17.) Been knocked unconscious.

18.) Been to Los Angeles (but didn't go any further than the airport!).

19.) Moved out of my parents' house at 17.

20.) Graduated high school as part of a class of 17 students (there were 90 in the whole school).

21.) Co-hosted a radio show.

22.) Met Bill Kurtis.

23.) Listened to music off of Keanu Reeves' iPod.

24.) Had my natal chart done.

25.) Updated business records via phone for the WWF and the Boston Celtics.

26.) Made plans to go to Alaska this summer, to visit my best friend.

27.) Seen dolphins up close from a catamaran off the coast of O'ahu.

28.) Lived in a house that was haunted by a poltergeist.

29.) Been in an auto accident that involved a deer.  Thankfully, we weren't hurt.

30.) Had an official IQ test as well as an MMPI (personality test).  By official, I mean not on the Internet, but with an actual psychologist.

31.) Been a published author.

32.) Thrown up 7 times in a row.

33.) Had insomnia.  (for 9 years, as a matter of fact!)

34.) Gone back to school as a "non-traditional" (read: older) student.

35.) Performed the Heimlich maneuver on countless infants. (I did child care for 5 yrs.)

36.) Been to the Arizona Memorial.

37.) Been an adult child of divorce. (That's when your parents get a divorce after you've grown up and moved out.)

38.) Played guitar, alto sax, piano, and harmonica.  At what skill level is of no importance. lol ;) :P

39.)  Attended a renaissance festival in full regalia.

40.) Been a YABA-certified bowling coach.

41.) Been in a minor house fire.

42.) Donated to the American Red Cross, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and St. Jude.

43.) Started my own business.

44.) Stood with the Patriot Guard against Fred Phelps, holding my flag high in honor of a fallen soldier.

45.) Been to the Poconos.

46.) Had a fire extinguisher fall on my foot, resulting in a fracture.  Ow.

47.) Been to a Broadway musical (All Shook Up).

48.) Owned a crossbow.

49.) Written a training manual for a market research firm.

50.) Been with my husband since high school.

Zaipher Zaipher
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7 Responses Nov 13, 2008

super accomplished!!

WOW to #3! In your bare hands or with gloves on? Either way, very exciting and cool!


Hahaha, 7. takes guts xD

Thanks, guys! :)

Number 7 made me laugh! And number 50 is really cute. Well done!

Bravo. That's some cool stuff.