Wow!! That's Alot of Stuff!

1. I have delivered babies. And guess what? Each one is as magical as the last and yes..I cry from joy!

2. I have felt the euphoria of true love twice in my life.

3. I have been homeless.

4. I have been at gunpoint an felt my life flash before my eyes.

5. I have been on a train.

6. I have caught,cleaned, and cooked my own fish.

7. I have whitewater rafted and discovered EVERY muscle in my body that I forgot existed.

8. I have written a book but am afraid to publish it because I am my own worst critic.

9. My mother took her last breath in my arms.

10. I can milk a cow.

11. I have been on the modern equivalent of a vison quest.

12. I have conquered my fear of public speaking.

13. Ditto for snakes.

14. I have had to tell families that their loved one has died.

15. I refused to dissect animals in biology and almost failed.

16. I have played "Beer Pong" and lost... badly.

17. I won our region's literary meet in high school.

18. I sneak my own snacks into the movies because I can't justify paying $5 for a soda. I DO buy the popcorn because it is delicious!

19. I have come to the conclusion that I couldn't iron something if my life depended on it.

20. I played ***** poker once and lost...badly.

21. I have climbed and a mountain and that doesn't count the one I live on!

22. I have learned to like broccoli but not cauliflower.

23. I finally had my first real organic garden this year.

24. I have worked in a restaurant.

25. I have (mostly) learned to drive a stick shift.

26. I can put up a tent, build a fire, and camp alone.

27. I have graduated college.

28. I started an IV under water, in thedark, and going strictly by feel.

29. I have learned to turn the other cheek.

30. I voted in the 2008 election.

31. I attended my prom with my girlfriend.

32. I have been to Mexico..Not the tourist-ridden areas but the REAL Mexico.

33. I have made the first move more than once.

34. I have met Mary Chapin Carpenter, Naomi Judd, Rupaul, and Chastity Bono.

35. I have performed in a drag show.

36. I helped to raise my adoptive sister's 6 kids.

37. I have attended demonstrations for aids awareness, gay rights, and animal rights in my younger years.

38. I taught myself Italian.

39. I learned botany as a hobby.

40. I have seen people survive that I didn't think would.

41. I have been the maid of honor and have the ugly dresses to prove it.

42. I built my own bookcases and refinished my hope chest.

43. I  enrolled in a mechanics class simply because I like to have "untraditional" knowledge and I like to know what makes things work.

44. I took ballet as a child and although I wasn't very good at it, I still practice the basic 5 positions. It keeps me limber.

45. I took piano as a child and hated every second of it.

46. I have fixed my leaky pipes and toilet.

47. I have touched a sting ray.

48. I went to DC for the first time last year and finally went to the Smithsonian.

49. I have eaten strange things like gator, snake, squirrel and rabbit because my adoptive father was cajun-creole and I had no choice.....YUCK!

50. I managed to complete this list..It was tougher than I thought it would be!

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15 Responses Nov 14, 2008

Yours reminded me a few things I did that I didn't put on my list

Sometimes it's hard to remember all the cool experiences we have!

your list makes mine look boring!!!!

Serena...Think of things that took your breath away, made you feel regret, made you grieve, made you love....Start there honey..You can do it!!!:)

psh, I joined this group thinking it'd be fun to put down 50 cool things I've done, and I honestly can't think of any. Especially after reading yours. Way more interesting.

Serena...I guess because I have lived with ME all 38 years, I don't see myself as Now others, like you.....heck yeah!!!! :)

Wow, those are fascinating things. And you think you're not interesting! That's ten times more interesting than the things I've done!

Sam...I bet it helped that you were a nudist! hahaha!<br />
<br />
Flour..And yet I have only begun:)

youve done alot!

Wow! Well, you sure impressed the hell out of me. That was an awesome list!<br />
<br />
(#20 -- Played that many times in college and lost totally on more than one occasion. Fortunately I was something of a nudist at the time so although the fact of loosing ticked me off I didn't really mind paying the penalty. Hee!)

I am with UnseenBlossom. I would pay you not to have to do some of that stuff! It is VERY impressive!

Some of the things you've done are very impressive. Well done!

thanks sweetie! <br />
hugs,<br />

OMGosh....there are so many things I would love to experience. I really enjoy what you share.

Scooby,<br />
I reread it and thought.."Are you kidding?!? How boring!"<br />
I guess it's subjective!<br />

That's an awesome, and interesting list. Well Done!