1. won a horse show
  2. danced in the rain
  3. drunk disinfectant (despite my history, this was actually an accident. i wouldnt recommend it though.... blurgh)
  4. broke my knee
  5. had a tattoo
  6. had ten piercings
  7. cut myself to stop myself feeling
  8. cut myself to make myself feel again
  9. been in love
  10. had my heart broken
  11. performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  12. gotten full marks in an A level
  13. thought I found 'the one'
  14. spent money i didnt have
  15. starved myself to be beautiful
  16. made myself sick
  17. been hospitalised
  18. been in ICU
  19. tried to do show jumping on a donkey
  20. seen an animal die
  21. driven a tractor
  22. met someone off the internet
  23. broke my rib coughing
  24. nearly broke my back
  25. climbed Ben Nevis
  26. eaten a deep fried mars bar
  27. taken coke, mdma, pills, lsd, and ket.
  28. spent £300 on a pair of boots (horse riding ones though.... and i swear I did need them.... honest.......)
  29. visited 20 countries
  30. knocked someone out
  31. been at least partly responsible for someone elses demise
  32. jumped my own height on a horse
  33. pierced my own ears
  34. been hospitalised for weight issues
  35. had stitches
  36. cheated
  37. lied so someone else wouldnt hurt
  38. seen the sun set and rise in the same night
  39. taught someone to ride a horse
  40. spent a day trying to get lost in london
  41. ridden a horse without a saddle, bridle, or any thing else.
  42. listened to Teardrop by Massive Attack for five hours on repeat without noticing.
  43. bitten someone so hard I drew blood
  44. had sex somewhere I really shouldnt have
  45. cut out most of the people in my life who are bad for me
  46. taken a major overdose.
  47. wished with all my heart i was someone else, somewhere else
  48. thought that i wouldnt wake up
  49. convinced myself i was in love when i wasnt
  50. prayed, even though I knew God wasnt listening.
Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2009