I Have Done These 50 Things (and a Whole Lot More.)

  • Walked through a forest where THOUSANDS of monarch butterflies were hatching. AMAZING!! 
  • Have interviewed many, many, many of my favorite bands.
  • Gone skydiving.
  • Recently became a beekeeper.
  • Created fused glass art in my kiln.
  • I have been robbed at gun point (While skinny dipping in the ocean.)
  • Went to Guatemala to film a village for a non-profit. (Learned to appreciate what I have a lot more!)
  • I spent an entire weekend in bed with a lover.
  • Have gone swimming with a sting ray while snorkeling at a reef off of  Jamaica.
  • Have met a clairvoyant who convinced me of spirit guides.
  • Witnessed the man burn! (among other things while naked in the dessert.)
  • Have lost a friend to suicide.
  • Have watched the sun come up on the beach of a tiny deserted island.
  • Have tasted the most delicious gelato of my life in Milan, Italy.
  • I have landscaped my back yard with a huge pond and waterfall all by myself.
  • Have dislocated my hip in a mosh pit.
  • I have saved someones life.
  • Have altered my state of mind in many ways covered in mud at Bonnaroo festivals.
  • Directed an indie film (with the help of A LOT of people)
  • Spent 24 hours in an airport after my flight was canceled. Ugh! 
  • Lived without cable for 3 years (and counting)
  • I have had sex in the pouring rain. (Highly recommend)
  • Have cried at the remnants of the Berlin wall.
  • Spent the night on the roof of a car star gazing with my first love.  
  • I have had my heart broken into what felt like a million pieces.
  • Found love again after putting the heart puzzle back together. (Repeated many times)
  • Ridden a bike around Amsterdam on mushrooms.
  • Fallen off a bike and made a prostitute in the red light district laugh. (See above)
  • Have performed in a battle of the bands.... in high school....we didn't win :)
  • Have killed a few plants and felt tremendous guilt about it.
  • Have used that guilt to maintain a successful garden.
  • Had my tongue pierced. 
  • Have dual citizenship
  • Have survived a tornado where a huge tree flew through the window.
  • Have performed pointe ballet on stage.
  • I have been interrupted having sex in a car by the police. (buzz kill.)
  • Rescued many animals.
  • Have lived in a house I believe was haunted.
  • Had alcohol poisoning.
  • Saw an amazing Tom Waits tribute in a small bar in Manhattan that I'll never forget! 
  • Had my legs buckle on a stand up roller coaster in Canada.
  • I have watched my grandmother die of cancer and miss her!
  • Spent an awesome, yet sleepless week at South By Southwest.
  • Went to a carnival in Switzerland. 
  • Been cheated on and had trust issues afterward.
  • Have spent time with black, brown, red, and blond hair.
  • Have flooded a house having a water fight when I was 16.
  • Had stitches in my chin after falling 30 ft. off a ladder.
  • Learned how to make beer at a brewery in Germany.
  • Was nearly arrested at a protest in Toronto (and a few other places too!)
  • Felt overcome with all the atrocities of human kind and cried at the remnants of the Berlin wall.
DuskBeforeDawn DuskBeforeDawn
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3 Responses Sep 7, 2009

Sex in the pouring rain - sounds so sensual, sexy and erotic! <br />
<br />
But I have a question - how do you get robbed at gunpoint while skinny dipping in the ocean? What did you have to be robbed of, while naked in the ocean? :)

Truly a great list. You are half my age and have accomplished many things till on my bucket list.

Cool list! I've always wanted to get my tongue pierced but I'm too old for that now.