50 Is a Lot But Give It a Lash

1. Slid down a zipwire (and screamed like a girl from start to finish)

2. Been to Japan

3. Been to Hong Kong

4. Never failed an exam

5. Marched beside Bono on a CND Rally

6. Kissed a member of Boney-M

7. Made babies

8. Achived one of my ambitions in life by accident

9. Kissed a snake

10 Visited a cockpit

11 Played Cowboys and Indians

12 Worked since i left school

13 Fainted

14 Sang in Public

15 Dived into the Sea off a boat

16 Traveled over the North Pole (In a Airplane)

17 Saw Mt. Everest

18 Saw my Heroine Sing Live - Take a bow Annie Lennox

19 Won a debating competition

20 Fell in quicksand

21 Drove on the other side of the road

22 Skinny Dipped

23 Lied about my age

24 Saw the Stones Live

25 Visited N. Irl

26 Attended all Ireland Finals

27 Visited US of A

28 Laughed till I cried

29 Lost 3 Stone in weight

30 Ran a 10K

31 Told the people that mattered to me that I love them

32 Slept in the Wilderness

33 Climed a mountain because it was there

34 Spent a day floating down the river on a raft

35 Owned a dog

36 Jumped my own height

37 Broke a bone

38 Slept under a picnic table (sober!!!)

39 Abseiled off a castle wall

40 Was naughty on a train

41 lit a fire with flint

42 Drove a mini car with 17 people in it

43 Kissed an older woman

44 Held hands in the Rain

45 Watched a Thunderstorm through my window

46 Own my house

47 Have a secret I will take to my grave (its a nice one though)

48 I slept under the stars

49 I danced on stage

50 I hugged a complete stranger

Dreed700 Dreed700
46-50, M
1 Response Sep 30, 2009

Wow It sound like you've been there and done that. How awsome.