Here Are Mine..

1. Married  my first and only love.

2.  Divorced my first and only love.

3.  Have twins with different birthdays.

4.  Lived with my parents after divorce.

5. Owned two new vehicles.

6. Owned two houses.

7. Was in the Army.

8. Served in Operation Enduring Freedom.

9. Was in Germany.

10. Went to the Oktoberfest twice.

11. Skied the Austrian Alps.

12. Went to Berchtesgaden Germany

13. Went to Saltzburg Austria.

14. Had a lap dance in Los Angeles.

15. Had several credit cards now none.

16. Have kids that will be 18.

17. Am going to Germany over Thanksgiving.

18. Met Metal Fatigue in real life.

19. Been to Hitler's Eagles Nest.

20. Have been to Canada.

21. Have been to 20 states.

22. Worked on M1A1 Tanks.

23. Worked on Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

24. Am reading the holy bible front to back 3/4 way done.

25. Flew a helicopter.

26. Flew in Life Flight.

27. Lost 3 liters of blood.

28. Lost both my hands farming.

29. Am getting hand transplants.

30. Have been to a professional baseball game.

31. Have been to a professional football game.

32,. Been to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

33. Had sex in a hay mile.

34. Quit Technical school.

35. Saw Willie Parker before he was a star.

36. Made my own beer.

37.  Have seen a shrink.

38. Have worked security at an Aerosmith concert

39. Called 911.

40. Sheriff served papers to me.

41. Got drunk alone.

42. Smoked weed 1 time.

43. Have had serious changes in my life.

44. Had 5 surgeries.

45. Have caught people having sex in a public restroom.

46. Have been in court.

47. Had jury duty.

48. Married for love.

49. Survived divorce and separated.

50. Taking an EP friend to Germany.

51. Have gotten hand transplants,...


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Thanks all !

Did all of the mishaps you've had cause you to take pride in yourself? You know-you think to yourself: I've handled that so therefore I can deal with almost anything. This is how it was for me after my near fatal wreck.


Thank you...

Wow, what a life.

Thanks violetsoul if you'd like.

Impressive !!!!<br />
Can we swap lives...with get to do them all over again

I would have but my X was with me. 4 some would have been.

Well that's only fun if they ask you to join in. :P

Nope but caught a couple in the mens room having sex....

Okay, gates is pretty gay... not that I ever use that figure of speech. :)<br />
<br />
Didn't you at least get to frisk some ladies? :D

Mostly gates. Never anything close to the stage. That is why it was gay....

How can that be gay? What kind of security are we talking about? (eg. gates, pit, backstage, front of house?) <br />
Pit security is pretty cool - you get to haul all those fainting girls out of the crowd. :D

Yes I worked Aerosmith , Bush Van Halen, I forget who else. It was kinda gay anyways.<br />
Twist all you want... hehehe

You worked security at an Aerosmith concert? Why have you never mentioned this to me? :P <br />
<br />
Come on: spill. Don't make me twist your nipples! :D

Thanks lil Kat...... lol

Cool. So many things

Needed that mother............

IAJ your certainly welcome thanks for commenting.........

Hugggggggs Mother......

LOL Anything for you Em..........

Speakin of "cool" ... dern it is here right now with the temp!! Say, CJ.... can you make item 51: Bought Emmie a fur coat!!! lol! Oooo, better make it fake furr.... don't wanna **** the animal lovers off!! :D

Thanks for commenting mother as always your a cool cat ......

Mother you stalking me ? lol

EM mother is a coool cat !!!

Thanks mother. It is cool.....

Thanks EM all or none for me.......

Mother... are you stalking me??? :O lol

YOu've got an AWESOME list! Noticed you don't do things half way! Weather good or bad.... it's OUTRAGEOUS!!! lol But very interresting! :D

Thanks AW626. Right back at you. Huggggggs.

Thank you TexasLily. I have been through alot and yes I am glad what I have done...

AWE maybe next time. Sorry..........