50 Pranks I Have Pulled

I looove pulling pranks

1) Put sleeping friends hand in warm water, it works, lol.

2) Put baby power udner the bathroom door and when my friend got out of the slower and turn on my hairdryer, lmao

3) Put sour spray on my friend lipstick

4) Put hairdye in Mums shampoo

5) Had a sleepover and my friends ganed up on the smallest person, taped their arms and legs to their chest and rolled them around the room XD

6) Put an eg in someones sleeping bag, just for laughs

7) Got a heavy sleeper and tied them to their bed post

8) Flaming crap bag, lmao

9) Filled a bin with water and leaned it against someones door and knocked, when they opening the door the water came in, ha

10) Has a 2 ppl sleepover and put cake in my friends mouth nose and ears and when they woke up I said "wow you were really hungry"

11) (This is a long one)                                      Had 2 friends over and while they were sleeping I drew all over one of their faces and then woke them up and told them to write and the other persons face, them thinking I was laughing at what they were doing.           In the mornign the 2nd person that got drawn on was let in ont he prank while the other went to school looking like they had a war with a marker. haha

12) Threw a bomb bag into a sleeping person bed. haha

13) Put itching powder in my bros socks

14) Tightly cover the toilet seat with plastic wrap, and wait. ha

15) Olive oil on someones toothbrush

16) (another long one) I put a pre recorded video of the bathroom in the video player and invited some friend over, when someone gos to the bathroom, switch the tape to the bathroom video and when we heard the toilet flush we started laughign and they though we watched them in the bathroom. XD

17) Put mashed potatos in friends bra

18) Put chocolate sauce on my friends face when she slept

19) Put Alka Seltzer in the toilet

20) Put chocolate sauce in the tank behind the toilet, rofl

21) Tied a sleeping friends feet together and screamed "FIRE" lol

22) Got a round white flash light and put it infront of someones face while they slept and yelled "TRAIN"

23) Put a fake hand in ther toilet facing up, oh man, my friends reaction when she went to use the toilet was beyong priceless! XD

24) Put hairspray all over my friend who was sleeping on the beach and then poured sand on them. haha

25) AT camp, I put whip cream on my friends face in the shape of a beard and took a photo, lol (my little secret) hahaha

26) Taped black paper over someones eyes and they thought they were blind

27) Hid in my bros closet and jumped out when he happend to be carrying juice, lol

28) Was in school and super twisted a rubber band and let it go in the hair of the girl infront of me

29) Put hair removel cream in friends shampoo, it worked and she really tried to kill me

30) Gave my friend a makeover but told her it was a nice one but it made her look like a clown and she went out in public like that

31) Put hot sauce on my friends lunch

32) Completly covered a chair with super glue

33) Put itching powder on the schools toilet paper, haha

34) Snuck Laxitives into the teachers coffee and we had a Sub that day, lmao

35) CHanged all the names on the class list to things like "Don Stop" and "Ineeda Bathe" lol

36) Put small objects inside someones unberella and when they opened it they all came pouring out

37) Replace some parts from a puzzel with identical parts from another puzzle

38) Put nail varnish on someones soap

39) Got a BIG group of friends at camp and put canoes in the kitchen, lmao

40) At the same came, we ran around to all the cabin ( the doors open out btw) and put strong tape over all the doors, no1 could get out the next morning)

41) Waxed one of my friend eyebrows off when she sleft

42) Got a whoopie coushion and filled it with shaving cream and told my friends sister to sit on it, lol

43) Filled someoens schoolbag with beatles

45) WHile the MEN and WOMAN bathrooms are occupied at a crouded place I switched the signs

46) Put about 10 fake goldfish in all the toilets at school

47) IN the computer room, I hid under the tables and randomly started switching the mouse chords, lol

48) Put used gum on my teachers car

49) Had a friend over and pre recorded bad songs and played it to them and they started smiling and moving so I taped it, lol

50) Drew allll over my friends body who was lieing on the beach in her bikini and she fell asleep so I also got sunscreen and wrote words on her with it like "Ya like?" lol She burnt with the words visable, haha


OMG it took sooo long to rememebr all them.

I loooove pranks


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6 Responses Nov 19, 2009

lol with all of those i am surprised you never tried a wedgie

lol so funny gonna try all

Rub Tiger balm or Bengay in front of a pair of underware on the inside when there in the shower and sit back and watch the show lol.

i had my hand put in warm water by a girl friend once

Nice prank

lol nice!