The Nifty Fifty, Tried And Tested By Robbo!

Well some of this has made me proud and some of it I would like to forget but despite everything, I have to accept that these experiences have had a hand in making me who I am today, so I wouldn't change anything.

  1. Stollen something from a shop

  2. Swallowed a half pence piece

  3. Fallen out of a plum tree

  4. Been chased by a gaggle of geese

  5. Got stuck on a barbed wire fence

  6. Sat down in a cow pat

  7. Gone out in public wearing nothing but a bin liner

  8. Set fire to an item of my clothing whilst wearing it

  9. Walked on stilts

  10. Been stung by a wasp

  11. Slept on a church floor

  12. Been on television

  13. Been on radio

  14. Dyed someones hair orange on purpose

  15. Dyed someones hair green by mistake

  16. Done a lewd sex act in a public place

  17. Had an STD

  18. Made someone crash their car

  19. Kissed a man one week before he was due to marry someone else

  20. Got attacked by his bride to be

  21. Removed my underwear in order to fix a car

  22. Been hit by a man

  23. Was made to have sex against my will

  24. Drank three bottles of wine

  25. Been sick over someones front door

  26. Fastened my suspender belt in a phone box

  27. Killed a very expensive koi carpe

  28. Lied to a police officer

  29. Eaten marijuana by mistake

  30. Smoked marijuana on purpose

  31. Driven a car when I hadn't passed my test

  32. Taken someones virginity

  33. Given someone the heimlic maneuver

  34. Found a man hiding in a wardrobe

  35. Seduced a man who's old enough to be my father

  36. Slept with a man who's old enough to be my father

  37. Married a man who is old enough to be my father

  38. Kissed in a venician gondola

  39. Miscarried a baby

  40. Cried in church

  41. Watched a person being resuscitated

  42. Kissed a dead person

  43. Woke up to find the neighbouring building on fire

  44. Made a 999 emercency call

  45. Stayed awake all night

  46. Cuddled a child who cried all night

  47. Pushed a pram when it's wheels had falled off

  48. Fostered a baby who had broken bones

  49. Held a baby who only weighed 4.5 lbs

  50. Became a grandmother before being a mother.
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36-40, F
2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Because of the 21 year age gap, my husband was married before me and has a grown up daughter who is eight years younger than me. She was too old for me to be her step mother but has since married and now has a little baby boy who I am able to be a step granny to! Being a granny is so much fun, you get to do all the baby things and the shopping and the spoiling and none of the sleepless nights or pooey nappies! It doesn't matter that I am only 32, possibly the youngest granny in history!

Wow a great life !<br />
<br />
(how do you become a grandmother before a mother ?....sorry it's early in the morning here)