Reporting Family Member For Welfare Fraud

I am not sure what to do or how to feel about this.  I  have taken in my sister's son who is 16.  He would rather live with me than live with her.  She has 2 other kids who are 7 and 8 and she collects welfare.  When I asked her to help me pay for some school clothes/food for her son she said no just send him home then.  When I told her that she was collecting welfare for him yet not paying for him that I would go to welfare to collect for him then to make sure that the money was being used on him. She said that she would be reporting to welfare that he has moved.  Yeah right.  In order for me to collect for him I would need a paper from her stating that he lives with me.  She will not sign this paper.  So there would be nothing I could do about welfare except report her.  I am unsure if I should do this or not?  She has no regard for her kids or their welfare.  Instead of helpinjg me out with her son she would rather get him off of welfare but still not let me collect for him.  She pi$$es me off that it's all about what will be financially taken away from her.  When he wanted to move with me she was all for it, when I suggested to her that she should pitch in she put on her breaks and told him to come home.  I know that by reporting her my parents will be upset yet knowing the situation they are on her side and tell me that if he wants to live with me then I should support him.  WTF.  Why is no one seeing the big picture of she is an unfit mother?  I'm pissed that she is always protected. I always try to do the right thing but if it goes against the wrong thing they do or think then I'm the bad guy.  I decided to stop talking to my sister about 2 months ago because of all the crap she does to her kids, drugs, gangs, betrayals, etc.  So do I report her or what?  Also I'm preparing myself to end my relationship with my parents and her because they do not do the right thing - they just go with the flow.  It sucks but you can't choose your family.  Would this be considered bad karma for me? 
mylifeinwords mylifeinwords
46-50, F
Jul 14, 2010