I've Done My Fair Share, But You Can't Change The Past.

I've done MANY things I'm not proud of
something that comes to mind is just all the things I've said to my mother.

when I was younger we'd get in arguements, frankly I was kinda messed up then but it's still no excuse to me. One time I said that I wish she'd get a heart attack and die, I even said that to my grandma once.

yeah I don't feel so proud of that, more like ashamed.

but you can't do anything about what you did in the past, all you can do is learn from it. So there's no point to beating yourself up about it. Even though it honestly can be hard to at times.
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Now you've got the spirit! Don't let minor setbacks get you down. Don't seek other peoples approval either..do what you know in your heart to be correct. We all are bound for mistakes in this life...people will be standing by in large numbers to crucify you for your mistakes...on friends will be standing by in small to carry you through them. Hell over a 100 people have look at and read my mistakes with no comment. Maybe I left them speechless...who knows. But my point is keeping doing you and keep striving towards positivity. Have a good one.

Hope this clip encourages you- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8hqm_ujrDs

Sometimes though, I tell my mom the truth and she refuses to listen.<br />
I don't say brutal things.<br />
But i feel like that hurts worse when im trying to get a point across and it is just denieddd.

HI! We all said things that we did"nt mean at one time or another,we can"t bring back time! Sometimes I think Id reached a "Breaking" point in the things I said and did. "But" Life goes on... It is our choice that we show them what we truley are for more than our abilities. Im sure that everything will work out and if it doesent its there problem not yours. You tried thats all you can do. Good Luck!....Anto815

well said. well said.