I Got The Wakeup Call I Needed At The Expense Of My Kids

I wasnt always a bad person.I did my best until my daughter was 3.Then life went out of control I got mixed up with a group of people that seemed to accept me but only when I was partying doing what they wanted. Life got messed up i started staying out late comeing home wasted not being able to care for the most important  people in my life.Thats when I got my wakeup call I came home and my kids was gone children services said i had so long to prove I was willing to stay clean and do whatever it took to get my babys back and if I missed that time limit by 1 day they would no longer be mine.Scariest moment of my life it was then that I realized how horrible I had become how could I go from being a good dad to a low life who put his kids through not knowing where their dad was. That is a part of my life I hate and I will never forgive myself for.
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So did you clean up? You have learned that life without your kids in it, can be very traumatic, lonely. I hope your life is on the right track now. You can do it.

Thank you never fails when Im down and log on here someone cheers me up.Hope you have had a good day.

Thank you for that hugs almost always make me feel beter.Thank you for the comment it means alot to me.

Thank you both and I already got them back just recently but I feel like a horrible person .

i am sorry to hear about your circumstances. i hope you get the support you need. being a single parent is hard work, i know just how hard from doing it myself. get help if you need it and i'm sure you'll get your children back in time.

I admire you because you admit your mistakes and you correct it. <br />
I think your a good person, you really have a good heart, you really love your kids and you really care for them. If you were my father I would really be proud of you. <br />
What matters now is.. you got them back.<br />
And I know you really doing your best to be a good father to them.<br />
I wish to have a father like you.. :)<br />
Just chill.. and be your kids first to your priority :)

My first was born when i was 13 then last year my ex girlfriend had twins. My foster mom was the one that complained and got them taken from me Lexys mom is in florida her family wants nothing to do with Lexy.My ex girlfriend only wants something to do with our twins when it is a good time for her.I got help its just when I messed up she complained because she said I needed a wake up call before I age out of the system and have noone.

i'm really curious... how did you end up with 3 children at 17 years old? where are these children's mother or her family and why are you not being supported by any adults? i don't know enough of your story to offer any hopeful advice, though as a parent i feel for you.

I got them back now i just lost them until i proved they ment more to me than that live i was liveing.

dont be so hard on yourself man, everyone does stupid things. you have to stand up, dust your self off and start kickin azz Doing whatever you have to do to get them kids back, work hard enough and you will be alright. you can do it! this too shall pass