Too Uncontrollable

3rd time lucky is really not for me. Three years in a row I have successfully managed to destroy family Christmases because I'm incapable of biting my tongue to the point it bleeds, I say what I think and I don't sugar coat it, so, when my sister, uncle or mother f**ks up and it's mentioned at Christmas I share my view and end up walking out for hours on end... Hopefully this year will be different, or maybe I will.
SourSweetKisses SourSweetKisses
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 18, 2010

Honestly I wish I could be more like you especially around the holidays! I let people talk to much, demand everything, and run me. So maybe you can just find a health balance. Good luck!

Well, I'm the only one in the family that doesn't forgive easily or is able to withhold my opinions lol, it gets me into too much trouble.