I Have Done Things I Am Not Proud Of.

I am sure anyone can say they have done something they wished the hadn't and would like to forget. The things I wished I had not become involved in are cyber sex, and role playing. They are addictions, addictions that brought about an end to a twenty-six year marriage. The mother of my children eventually had enough. I was given two months notice to find a place to live because she was filing for divorce. We negotiated what items of furniture I would be allowed to take with me as well as household items. She wanted the marriage dissolve as painlessly as possible, but she wanted the marriage to end. Living alone has brought me greater freedom to engage in the same activities that made me her ex husband, but I was on a slippery slope spending more time engaged in scenarios with someone in cyber space. I must admit that it was very arousing and I miss it, but it has created problems for me which will be difficult to remedy. I can't be doing this anymore. I am going to be working hard to fight the temptation. 
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3 Responses Apr 8, 2012

Roo, sometimes when we do something, we do it because we need a placebo for something we don't have in real life. When we say and do things online, it's because we don't get those chances in the world we live in. I don't know whether it was the same in your case, I don't plan to find out. Just remember that we always do things for a reason, your wife, you, your daughters, everyone.

i am sorry to hear that. do you still contact her? how is your daughter? is she okay with you? <br />
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do you have someone that is there for you?

very sure you are not the first to losse your family over that and i am sorry maybe you guys can work it out once she knows youa re trying<br />
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i lost the one i loved a long time to death so thereis no hope for me