I've Done Lots Of Things I Wish I Didn't

When I was 10 my friend told me that cutting was art, and she cut herself, then told me to do it because well she thought it was art i guess, then she would get mad at me cause I did it wrong...

When I was 11 Me and her would smoke and drink and sneak out and steal stuff.

She was two years older than me and I got a boyfriend who was 5 years older than me so when we started dating i was 11 he was 16
She had sex with him and she convinced me to dump him and that she wouldn't talk to him.

She dated him for two months after that, Then when they broke up me and him started talking again

I sex with him twice then we stopped talking,

Me and Her weren't friend's any more and I had nothing left

When I was 13 I had sex with another guy who was about 19 he said he loved me and he wasn't like other guys and wasn't just interested in sex.
He never texted me or called me..
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Hey honey, I was an active drug addict and alcoholic for 40 years. I am in recovery for the past three. <br />
<br />
As for young men, the pressures of society make them feel that they should be having sex (young women, too), and they will say and do anything to be "cool" and accepted by their peers. At your age you don't really know that much about love and life (at my age I dont know that much more), but you are finding out. Learn from your mistakes and use this knowledge to grow

we all makw mistakes and learn