The Snake.

When I was a little girl, about 6 or 7 years old. I was walking around in my front yard, observing everything around me. I was a lonely kid and I didn't really have any friends at the time, so that was what I often did. I would usually lay on the grass hoping something or someone would come along to steal me from my boredom. Then finally on that day something did. A little gartner snake caught my eye as I was wandering around, it slithered slowly as it passed me in the grass. As curious as any other child would be, I decided to follow it.
It moved through the lush green grass and slithered up a small boulder that acted as a border to my familys property. I knew I wasn't allowed past that point and I knew that that was where the snake was headed. I was so fascinated by the small creature. I didn't want it to disappear to a place where I could no longer watch it. So I started to get nervous. I considered picking it up, but I knew I wouldn't have the guts to do so for fear that it would bite me. I looked around and saw the gutter lying just beneath the boulder the little guy was on. It was filled with stones that lied at the bottom.
So flustered and desperate I grabbed one of the stones and released it over the snake. During that moment I let go, I half expected it would drop in its path to keep it from leaving. But the other part of me knew where it was going to land.
The heavy little stone dropped directly on top of the snake, splitting its body in half. I took a quick step back when I saw that its blood ran red. Then felt the guilt hit me in less than a second, I didn't know back then that we bled the same color as reptiles. The upper part of the snake was still alive, its lower half hanging on by a thread of flesh. The creature disappeared into one of the tunnels at the end of the gutter, leaving a trail of blood behind.

I will never forget that experience, or how bad I felt then and still feel now. But I am glad that I at least learned something from it at such a young age.

We all bleed the same color.

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