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Its In My Past Now

I'm sure everyone on this site could join this group and have a story or two to tell if they were being honest. I am being honest. I have done a great deal of things I am not proud of.

For starters I have always been a well behaved child. I always got good grades in school, not because my parents made me, but by pure self motivation. I wanted good grades. I wanted something to be proud of. I faithfully went to church every Sunday. I volunteered my time to christian organizations week days and weekends. So I suppose it was a shocker to my parents and everyone that was told when I had sex with a kid I didn't know....outside. I was completely embarrassed and not very proud. I can imagine it came to be even more shocking when everyone learned I had sex with my youth minister and he was fired, and now is no longer allowed to serve in that orgainization again. I think my parents learned to not be so schocked when they learned I was having sex with guys just because.

I graduated from high school a few years back and I worked so hard to get the awards I won. I worked so hard to get accepted into a college that I had such a great desire to attend to only not go when school was supposed to start.

I indirectly broke up a marriage. When I met my current boyfriend he was married for 8 years with a five year old son. I had no intention of separating them, I later learned that I was not the reason they divorced, but I was the 'catalyst' in my boyfriends words. I was not very proud and you can imagine how my parents felt when I brought my 41 year old boyfriend home when I was only 18.

On the bright side, I am happy with the life I am living now and I learned from my past mistakes. =)

shellzz shellzz 18-21, F 1 Response Jun 4, 2012

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Sometimes it is the only way to learn is from our mistakes in life, it can be a very tough and hard way to learn and can often cause a lot of heart ache, but i am glad that you are happy with your life now, there are not many that can say that to be honest!<br />
<br />
My respect to you<br />
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