Especially Lately

When I worked at a factory, a man became infatuated with me. Followed me around during our breaks and sat with me during our breaks. I guess I liked the flattering attention and lead him on, only to end up breaking his heart a short time later,after he mentioned wanted to buy me a ring! I have done a few more times than I care to think about. I have done more than my share of flirting. I really should stop THIS nonsence!
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1 Response Sep 25, 2012

I AM here to help you stop flirting, to the best of my own ability, sweet parakeet. :-) My own love for you is still true, if you will accept it on its' own merits...Will you?....

Thanks for understanding. I ALWAYS have, Never doubted YOU for a min.!

I LOVE you, Terry! I want to help you the very best I know how to. I want to stick close to you, and be your man. :-)

Beaming smile! So incredibly lucky to find you! oxoxoxoxox

I just want to keep this feeling alive, and keep on loving. You know I want to help you, because I need you. :-)

I need your friendship so much! Were so connected.

DEEPLY connected both heart and soul, just maybe! :-) KISS

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