All For The Wrong Reasons

Have you guys ever dated someone who just was totally not for you?

I dated this guy who i met a bar, suprisingly he was a keeper. He called after he said he would, we went a proper date and had fun. He was perfect. He wasgood looking, tall, british! haha c'mon every girl was jealous, not going to lie.

We only dated for 4-5 months but he was a real romantic guy and he fell for me...hard. I tried so hard to like to him too, hoping one day i would wake up and love him as much as he loved me. He said i love you to me one night, and stupidly i said it too but i didn't mean it...

I couldnt get over my first love. Like i said before, he was amazing but my heart belonged to someone else and it still does. i FELT HORRIBLE and disgusted after i lied. I broke with him after uni started up again and he wrote me a letter saying howbasically i led him on, and i don't blame him. He will never know thatmy heart belonged to someone else the whole time

I will never do that again! I promised myself. I'm sorry. truly sorry.
Xococoxo Xococoxo
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012