Moving On/ Moving Forward

yeah there was many things i have done i am not proud of... and i have lost all my close friends because of it. and because i felt like i didnt have control of my life and i didnt believe in myself. i did those things... and it made me feel worse... but you know what there is always tomorrow. and i wont anymore. i am not going to feel bad and keep myself living in the past... i am going to stop regretting and move forward with my life. and just start being the me that i know i am. i wish i could apologize to those people and let go of it.. but you know... i can't. they probably forgot anyways. all i can do is to forgive myself and just keeping moving forward not looking back. just learn and step at a time. that is what i plan. i have the strength to do it.
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

This is an inspiring story. Keep moving forward. :)