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Well this is something that has haunted me....
Well this is something that has haunted me....
I am knowing to have a bad temper, like really bad. One day at school I was being bullied as usual and I had enough. I lost it, I basically destroyed the entire classroom. After that I ran away, I couldn't go home or it would be more abuse.
She was just a child :( I sat in the park trying to calm down but I couldn't. I had kept remembering all the **** I had been through. A girl about the age of nine came and asked me if I was alright. I blacked out, when I gained control..... The girl was on the ground unconscious. Her arms were broken, her nose bleeding. She was breathing but only just. I was so mad at myself. She was put into hospital, I visited her everyday until she got out. She had became like a sister to me. One day I went to her place to babysit and heard shouting. Her dad was beating her up. She was being abused like me. She told no one. When her dad saw me I noticed that he was high. He just left her and stormed out. I cleaned her up and asked her what had happened. She said it was the first time. Over two years we became distant since she moved. I got a call, she was saying goodbye. She killed herself. In the letter she wrote it mentioned her dad abusing her all the time. It also mentioned me, she thanked me for helping her when she was in hospital. I never got to tell her I was sorry. I could have protected her.
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Jan 6, 2013