Accidental Dogging

I have accidentally gone dogging, which is where two people go out in a car specifically to park up and have car sex somewhere OR when you go out looking for people shagging in cars. I fell into the latter category.

A couple of friends had come over to get drunk with Sam and myself and after consuming the vast majority if Oozo, decided to go for a drive so we could have a midnight walk on the beach (the driver hadn't been drinking by the way). So, we take a drive to a place where a small pub leads onto a car park and then the beach.

Parking up, we decide to smoke before venturing out of the car and as we're having a ***, my friend spots something in the rear view mirror. There's a car parked not ten feet behind us, rocking up and down with the windows fogged up, marred only by a hand print. In our drunken state, we forget about our walk and excitedly decide to give these two people some encouragement.

So we put the stereo on full blast and lean out the windows, cheering and chanting: "GO ON, MY SON! GET IN THERE!"

We honked the horn, flashed lights at them and made our own car bounce around. We still aren't sure why we reacted as enthusiastically as we did, but it was after the two people finished that we were almost wetting ourselves laughing. To add to their humiliation, their car wouldn't start when they made to drive away and the woman had to get out of the car and push it!

Talk about the best walk of shame ever!

We were literally screaming with laughter even after they'd left and we even waited around to see if anyone else would turn up. Either way, I'm pretty sure that poor couple won't be attempting car sex again any time sion!
Meeoko Meeoko
18-21, F
May 28, 2012