Revision Of Bucket List.

when i was younger... lol... and by younger i mean early twenties... i told my (now) ex-husband that for my fortieth birthday, i wanted to break a race-horse out of the gates, and gallop around the inside rail at a real race track. there were a couple of reasons for this.
a. i really did want to. i had done pretty much everything else you could do on the back of a horse, and
b. that seemed like a good way to go out. i truely didn't expect to live to see forty, and even now, i have a niggling fear in the back of my mind which i have done my best to stuff under everything else i don't want to think about, that i won't... see i believe that if you believe something strongly enough, if it's really bad, it will happen... why it doesn't work for good things, i don't know. anyway i thought for sure i would come off, or the horse would stumble and that would be a nice quick end.
and it probably would have...
now, forty is staring me right in the face, with a malevolent glint in it's eye. The first part of my goal has been reached too many times to count, and 10 yrs earlier than intended.. i broke out and galloped trained stakes racers to start with, and worked my way down to breaking the yearlings and 2 year olds. and i lived... got pretty busted up a few times, but made it out alive. Out of the horse business entirely in fact... and am enjoying my break. who knows, i may see a broke old quarterhorse gelding for my son, and a tempermental TB for myself later on. in the distant future......
so after realizing i had nothing left on my bucket list.... i have now resolved that..... for my 69th and 70th birthdays.... my son will take me scuba diving.... and parachute jumping. in that order... because i REALLY want to Scuba.

UPDATE.........40 is no longer staring me in the face.
it is here.
SweeetKiester SweeetKiester
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Love your horse, love me!!