I don't know how a person can betray someone that they care about and love so much. My best friend whom I met in 6th grade is no longer in my life because of me. (I'm 24 now and she's 25). I feel so stupid about it because we fought on my birthday after the club. I miss her so much, it's like cutting off part of my soul and I don't think I can rest in peace until I talk to her again. It's gotten so bad because I have dreams where we speak and she says I can't forgive you and I say its fine and we hang out like normal friends but when I wake up I realize it's just a dream even though it feels so real. As well as the funny comments and jokes that I know we would have a ball laughing at but I have too much pride and fear to speak to her again. Without her life sucks.

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Must have been something big to break up a friendship like that.

So what happened? Why did things go this way?