Though They Might Seem Lame to Others....

I have done things I never thought I'd do. One thing is quitting high school. When I was a kid, I always said I would never quit high school, which is what my mom & nearly everyone on her side of the family did. But my social phobia/anxiety made it impossible for me to keep going & I had to quit.

Another thing I've done which I laways said I'd never do is drink. Although I've only had five alcoholic beverages in my entire life lol, I still regret it. I always liked the fact that I had never drank & prided myself upon it.

There are numerous other things & I will probably add to this story later, but seeing as how it's 5:43am & I haven't even slept yet, that will have to do for now.

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3 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Congats on getting your GED! I'm going to be 23 at the end of March and haven't got mine. I've done the practice test a bunch of times...but have been lazy on getting it acomplished. I want to go to school before it's to late to get Gov. I need to get my butt in gear....I hope you do add on to this sometime...when you feel like it. I dropped out to....maybe I'll tell you sometime.<br />
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I also thought I would never drink. My dad was an alcoholic and it broke up my family.....he pretty much chose alcohol over me...but anyways....yeah there is a lot stuff you just fall into or give into as time progresses,and things,ideals change. I'm just rambling...sorry....<br />
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Good luck with your education and college... it's good that you didn't become another #....I hope I don't either. I'm not really much of a school person though.

Luckily, I have. I got my GED in '06 & just started college full-time in January.

To me most of the time when we say never, We end up doing that very thing. Do you plan on going back to school