When My Daughter Was

in grade school a lady came to her school and asked for volunteers for Girl Scout leaders. I figured ok, it would be time to spend with my daughter. So i did it. From the time she was in the 1st grade until about her sophmore year I was a GS leader, going to camp, working on badges. We even got even money together to fly the troop to Svanana Georgia to the Juilette Lowe home (founder of GS). My daughter was working on her gold award. Her best friend & her designed and made a walking trail at the local GS campground. My daughter went onto receiving a scholarship from GS for college...and is now a lifetime member....i am so proud of her...and i am glad i have those memories of her growing up.
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WOW - good for you AND for her. Congratulations.

thank you

Good 4 u!