Kinda My First Time Volunteering?

Well over the summer, (best summer of my life). I volunteered at the playcamp/summercamp/daycamp I went to from ages 5-14. And it was so fun and amazing! I think it really helped me overcome a big chunk of loneliness and depression that was sitting inside of me. Now I can think about these kids who have told me they loved me, know what flavor starbursts I like and don't like, have gvien me endless hugs, yelled at each other just to sit next to me on the bus, cried if I didn't play games with them, questioned the life out of me when I was gone, and one special little girl... who not only warmed my heart, but took it, and loved it and gave it back, I think about her and feel a surge of happiness when I'm down. It's starting to fade though, since I'm not with them, these kids that gave me everything I needed, and when I say everything, I mean everything. Who knew so much love could come from such small children? I love kids and I can't wait till next summer, then I'll be back. Since it's school year, I can really only visit... I was going to volunteer this school year but my mom didn't want me to and everything, so I kinda got stuck just visiting and leaving and it hurts because they cling onto me and I have to leave... but I can't wait till next summer, I don't care if the group of kids I had last year are moving up a group, I'm moving up too! These are my wonderful sweethearts, so special sweet and warm, my little firflies lighting up my heart... I volunteered 348 hours of my time with them over the summer, and I hope that goes up even more next summer! I will love to volunteer again, and again in different areas anywhere with kids.. But for now, they, and that camp have my heart <3.
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This is what I do know my friend:

You will get those feelings back in person soon enough.

You will be loved in ways unimaginable to you now.

Fortunately or unfortunately we experience even more joy, beauty and love because we have had to cross deserts during our life.

You are a beautiful soul and I believe your life will be blessed abundantly. Live a life of joy, happiness and passion. Think not on anything that detracts from that. As you are, so will you attract those things you want. You are an Orchid among Roses, you are Plumeria among Tiger Lilies!

Live with Passion! My Love to you and yours! Mel

But it hurts because who knows if I'll ever get that back? I spent all this year holding onto to them and those memories, pushing me, chanting me, moving me along... and for what? For nothing. For this empty summer without them.

Don't allow them to hurt. Remember the beauty and the love they brought you and bring this into your heart fresh each time you think of them. Let this be your focus and this will give you your meaning and the emotion of love and happiness that you deserve.

A HUGE problem in our lives can be the Focus that we give to something because how we focus on something is going to become the meaning we give it and that will result in the corresponding emotion.

Change your Focus and you change your meaning!

Its powerful and necessary to live the highest quality life that you deserve. And its so simple to do.

Live with Passion! My Love to you and yours! Mel

I never got to volunteer this summer... Now the memories hurt.

Bravo! This is something that has done good for You. Volunteering is a wonderful thing and as you've had a chance to practice it even better. Small children carry with them the simplicity, honesty and warmth that is captivating. It's a shame that your mother is not in line with your tastes. But keep all the great memories in your head, live it, relive them and you will keep in you a treasure that nobody can take away!


That's great and your welcome!

Best Wishes! Mel

Thank you for being happy for me, yes it does. Before I go to sleep I think very positively, so you don't have to worry about me there. I actually tend to dream about that camp a lot and all my kids, even if I don't think about them before I go to sleep. I often dream of things that make me happy, so I can have them there if nowhere else.

Thank you

That's just wonderful and I am happy for you. It also gives you something else that is very powerful. I believe at the end of the day we can sometimes tend to think about the negative things in our live before going to sleep and I believe that continues in the subconscious after we're asleep. How much better no matter how bad or how sad you would be that you choose instead to focus on the loving memories of that summer. Don't allow yourself to be sad about it being over when you do this. Immerse yourself in the memory of the love and happiness as if you were still there and stay in that moment until you drift off to sleep.

Sweet Dreams!

Best Wishes! Mel

Aww thank you so much, that made me smile :]

They really are, all of them, even the quiet shy ones eventually warm up and show all their love and care. I think they truly do, as if they have senses or something. Thank you again, I am glad I did too, I needed it so very much.. I hope my love does!! Thank you :]

ErraticShadow, this is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read on ep. Children are so loving and caring. They seem to know instinctively, when someone else needs love and affection. I am so glad you felt so much love from the kids. The love and care you gave those children will do so much for them as well! I hope you continue to enjoy being with them. :)