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Still Do ^_^

I love to volunteer, theres something about it which just makes me feel good inside. Currently I volunteer for a charity and participate in schemes every week ^_^ we take care of teenagers, children and adult who have learning disibilities ie special needs and provide them with games and activities etc! I really enjoy it :P it can be hard work sometimes but it's definatly worth it :D <3
lillybet007 lillybet007 18-21, F 5 Responses Jul 17, 2011

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thats awesome. i volunteer alot too. :) the feeling it gives you after is priceless.

Help others always brings an interior satisfaction. It is the Soul which is proud of you and the heart is very delighted by it. All the good deeds we do are always rewarded a day. And sometimes the gift is important, even if it should sometimes be expected !

you and I both. I was in the boy scouts of america so I helped out a lot with food banks and the like. volunteered in school to help out in low income housing projects and shelters for bettered women. Of all the things I did, the most interesting was being a volunteer spanish translator for an lawyer in my hometown. It was really cool being a volunteer and helping out clients translate their naturalization papers or help translate interviews for new immigrants who have trouble communicating their troubles. The most memorable was a man who had a racist neighbor who was harassing him, ad he was shaken up. Being 14, I said to him (in spanish) "Don't worry sir, know that things cannot be this way forever. One day it will be over and behind you" and he smiled and thanked me for it :) one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. My family also helps out with people in Guatemala since I like helping contribute to my Mayan roots, giving kids there a little something t help them smile during hard times there<br />
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Makes me happy knowing there are other good-hearted people helping make the world a kinder place :)

thats so lovely ^^ we are so alike! haha

It's very rewarding and your on your feet alot! definatly worth a try ^^ and it can be really fun sometimes especially when they go on trips and stuff ^^