Very Rewarding

I have done voluntary work and its refreshing knowing that you have done a good thing for nothing in return. I have volunteered at a animal shelter feeding and playing with the cats, i also donated money. I walked the dogs and did paper work i had a lot of fun. I have volunteered at an old folks home helping the elderly do bingo and talking to them, there really funny and nice to hang out with i really didn't mind, it was a really rewarding experience. I have also volunteered at the wild life rescue up my road and i ride my bike down there and help them clean up and i help set up the cages to catch things that aren't suppose to be around here and i learned a lot i still volunteer there sometimes its a lot of fun.
samanthaspice18 samanthaspice18
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To give is better than to take indeed

Good for you, I've done some voluntary conservation work on the galapagos islands, was great really got a lot put of the experience.