My Buddy

I used to work full time at a group home for MR and one of the clients there loved to go out on walks. He had a fascination with the overpass that was just around the corner from his house. I suppose it didnt sort of look like vehicles were riding along the tops of the trees, and he also loved birds. He would smile and laugh and point at them. The problem was noone would ever take him for a walk because as soon as you rounded the corner to go back to the house he would put his hands on the wheels of his chair and try to roll in reverse. By the time my shift started it would be dark and he would be getting ready for bed. So I would go there on my lunch break from my other job and take him out on a walk, yeah so he sometimes got sandwich crumbs in his hair from me trying to push him and eat at the same time, but I made sure he was happy and clean by the time I took him back.  
WakgUp WakgUp
31-35, F
Dec 28, 2011