Earth Day 2012

I just wanted to share my earth day experience for 2012. I surfed the Internet for interesting volunteer opportunities and came across a local tree planting event. It was at a local preserve. It also happend to be their 42 anniversary. In honor of the anniversary and earth day we planted 42 trees. It was hard but rewarding work. There were people of all ages coming together to plant trees. It was a wonderful experience and one I had not yet had in my volunteering. I'm currently studying ecology and have come to love the out doors more than I already had. The trees we planted where rock land pines. This probably gave away my location for any botanist or biologist out there. Did any of you celebrate earth day in a special way? I'd love to hear about it so comment below :)
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2 Responses Apr 23, 2012

I have found volunteering to be a great activity. Usually fun, maybe hard work, but usually fun. Most of my volunteering has been relatively small things like pledge processing for a telethon but for about 6 years I "published" the newsletter of a local astronomical society which involved some writing, much typing, copying, folding and inserting into envelopes - but I enjoyed that too.

Hey no problem! I think everyday should be earth day :)