I Hate Doing It

There are two things I'll never do if I get another life: Fail a grade in high school or go to jail. Community Service is not for me.
My first experience with volunteering was joining the Beta Club. Lots of people have said it's been a positive experience for them. But for me, it was just a lot of spoiled kids sucking up. It seemed like a lot of unnecessary fundraising and stuff and for hardly anything at all. Volunteering definitely wasn't the worst part for me but working with the Boys and Girls Club wasn't my cup of tea. First off, I love younger kids. I should be a babysitter because I'm great at it. But at the Boys and Girls club, you're so limited. First off, they have a schedule where the kids have to go over spelling and read and all that. Yes, I know it's beneficial for them and I'm really glad they're practicing but for me it took forever. I liked the kids but they loved me. For some reason, this encouraged them to bang and try to crawl into the car. Hell no. This year I have to get 50 hours of community service for my senior project. Since the opportunities of community service are extremelyl imitedd in my small town, I'm probably just gonna lie a little (lot).
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Jul 26, 2012