I Volunteer 3 Times A Week

I've been volunteering since 1997 in different places,church, community center,  bingo halls.   But since 2003 I have been volunteering at the local Soup kitchen and food bank. At times it makes me sad when I see the people that come into the facility, the hard life they must be having. You can see it, and some share their life struggles with me.   
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1 Response Aug 24, 2012

I use to volunteer i would spend time with young mums and the elderly, i think volunteering is fantastic,i work now but the experience has helped me and i love my work.

I find volunteering rewarding, in many different ways. It gives me a purpose, satisfaction, self worth, and self esteem a feeling of being needed and appreciated. A chance to do good and to give back to society, in a way I can. Thanks for sharing crabby24. (I enjoyed working with the elderly when I was working as a Nurses Aid (Personal support worker).