I worked as a volunteer in a psychiatric hospital in Wales for a year. First 6months through an EVS-program (European voluntary services) then as a local for the other 6 months. After that I worked as an assistant on one of the wards.

I loved it! Every minute of it! The patients really liked me and we used to play all kind of games, go visit places, sing karaoke or just chat.
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I was looking for such project... but not easy to find EVS in psychiatric hospital. <br />
Could you send me some contact details ????

There is something uniquely rewarding about giving of your time in a world where far too many people see their fellow humans as just another body in their way on the freeway or in the grocery line. It bringsus in touch with our own humanity. I have done Vol Services for first homeless vets then just gen. pol homeless. It was very rewarding. We are going to the VA hosp. Psch ward to give out christmass gifts agai this year. It is always fun to see these folks who everyone forgets, locked away from the rst cause they cant or wont play according to the dictates of society. They really apreciate the attention. <br />