Habitat For Humanity

I was invited along to a Habit for Humanity event called "Woman's Build" where the volunteers consisted primarily of women.  Our task was to build a home from scratch.  The process is a long one because the home is constructed by volunteers who carve out their Friday or Saturday to assist in some "general" task.  Granted, all of this was supervised by a team of contractors - but yes, a FEMALE contractor who led the program- and the day's hard work was very rewarding.  I am usually not one to climb on a ladder and hammer nails much, but it was fun!  I never really knew how hard of a job a contractor has... there is just so much detail and engineering genius that goes behind how a home is built.

Not only did I contribute to building a home for a low income family, but I learn a thing or two about construction.  I suggest everyone look for their community habitat for humanity group and find out how they can help.  I am looking forward to joining a few friends and take on a few more assignments like this!
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26-30, F
Aug 16, 2007