Pregnany With Dbh

My name is Zoey i'm 16 yrs old and 32 weeks pregnant and i have DBH wich has also caused me to develope POTS and I'm scared  to death. Just wondered if anyone has been pregnant with this and how it went for them. I've never talked to anyone who had it or is going through what I'm going through.
zoeythemonster zoeythemonster
1 Response Aug 11, 2010

Hi Zoey,<br />
I have just seen your post. I hope the rest of your pregnancy went well and you and your baby are doing great!<br />
I also have DBH, and the mummy of 4 beautiful healthy babies. Their pregnancies were very hard, as I'm sure was the same for you with DBH, but very worth it! Would love to chat to you and see how your getting on.<br />
Kind regards, Claire.

I know of a patient who recently became pregnant. Would you mind being contacted by her?

I would love to be in contact with anyone else with DBHD. Please feel free to message me!!