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First of all, having double cousins is not what a lot of people--who don't know what they are--tend to immediately think it is. It is NOT i n c e s t. (Sorry, I am purposely trying to get around the filter with that word because I don't want my story marked "mature" and hidden from general viewing just because of that one dang word.)
I only have double second cousins--it's my mom and aunt and uncle who have double first cousins. It's hard to explain in a non-confusing way. My grandma and great uncle are siblings, and my grandpa and great aunt are siblings. I remember it best by my grandma's own words (speaking about her double sister-in-law): "She married my brother, so I married her brother." So all the cousins are cousins twice over.
Most people I've met don't know what double cousins are, or they have heard of double cousins but don't know how it works, so I just thought I'd share a story about it. =)

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. It is pretty common for that to happen. You often hear of twin girls dating guys that happen to be brothers. They sometimes marry them and have a double wedding :)

cool =)

Aww lol...any way I can help?

O good! =) lol

Lol, it does make things interesting. =) And it is kinda fun to explain once people lower their eyebrows, close their mouth, and stop thinking it's the "i" word, lol. <br />
The book is a children's book, not really young children but older children. It came out around the time I was in 5th grade or so.

This same thing is actually referenced in the book "Peppermints in the Parlor," with the main character's Aunt and Uncle Twice, as she calls them. If Aunt and Uncle Twice had children, they would be her double cousins. =)

Well that's good, lol. Sometimes I get weird looks. I mean, it's not like I tell everyone, but when I try to explain it to my friends, sometimes I realize how weird it can sound if not explained properly. Glad my grandma had a short and simple way of explaining it; otherwise, I'd be drawing diagrams too. =)