Her Frist Dp

Of course we talked about it for ever. Used ****** and had. anal sex. But we (or "she" not sure about that) wanted to take it to the next level. So one Friday night we got dressed and went to a bar. Not going in together was her idea. She went in first. I went in 30 min. later. Watching her from across the room excited me. She danced with a few guys. I noticed she had fallen into a group of guys and girls. She never had any trouble making friends. Being the redheaded beauty she is. She was flirting, talking, touching. Then she was beside me. Asking me to dance, not as her husband of 10 years. But as a complete stranger, she had to ask me twice. but I managed to say yes. After the dance, I joined the group she introduced me like she just met me. Even asking from my name again, as if she had forgotten it We partyed till closing. Ihad forgotten why we had came. Untill she grabbed me and one of the other guys, I think his name was Jason, and said you two are coming with me. He looked at me, I gave him a smile and nodded my head, he smiled back. A hotel was only a block away.
He walked in the room, turning on the light as he went. She went in behind him turning it off. She went right to him, kissing his mouth. I walked up behind her kissing her neck. In minutes we were all naked, she went to her knees sucking our dicks in turn, frist one then the other. She took her time, letting us both enjoy it.
With his **** in her mouth she started pushing him back onto the bed, walking on her knees. With him on the bed she climbed on top of him, sliding his **** deep into her. She rode him slowly at first then harder and harder. Not wanting him to *** to soon. I walked up behind her. She stopped so I could enter her ***. while I was ******* her ***, he was still in her *****. Wanting to get the most out of this experience. I started ******* her *** harder and harder. Till I was pounding her. He was giving her all he could being on bottom. At frist as I pulled out he would go in. But after she was broke in a little, I would wait so we would both go into her together. She would shudder every time she would ***. The bed was wet from her sweetness by the time we both went deep into her for one last stroke to give her our loads.
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Great story. My wife has wanted to be dpd for a while now, and it should happen soon. Can't wait.

omg. that's fantastic. my wife and i have been married over 20 years. i've been slowly working on her to warm up to an mfm and dp for the last 18 years. Like you, we do the ****** and anal and role play a lot. She's still a little scared about the whole idea. it seems like we're getting closer to it one day becoming a reality, however.

great story. Would like to see some pics of the both of you