Her First Dp

This occurred a few years back. She had her "friend with benefits" for a few months, he finally met all the criteria for us allowing him to forego the condom. To make a long story short, I was watching them for quite some time, *******, sucking, changing positions, etc., when the "moment of truth" was going to happen. I was in position to watch his penis thrust into my wife, he held it there and I could actually see it pulsing, pumping her with his ***** for the first time. She was babbling about his *****, wanting it inside of her. I almost passed out. When they were finished, I told her I needed to *** inside her quickly, I was so worked up. She told me to give it a few minutes as she rested, panting with her legs open and some of his ***** leaking out.

They agreed, rather than letting me enter her, for them to **** again. I was beside myself watching, waiting. Finally, she had him flip and she mounted him. After a few minutes, she told me to put it in her ***. As he pulled out of her for a moment, I entered her *****, lubricating myself. I then inserted myself into her *** and we 3 got our rythm down. I could feel his **** through the membranes of her ***, occasionally our balls slapping against each other as we thrust into her. As she begged for our *****, I quickly came so hard inside of her I thought I'd castrated myself!
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It a very erotic and sexy experience to watch as another guy ***** my wife bareback, and watching as he fills her wet ***** with his hot ***.