My Wife Likes To Two Dicks

  Sometimes while my wife gives me head, I like to **** her with a *****.  She groans so hard with my **** in her mouth. I dont care if she is imagining another guy ******* her from behind.

31-35, M
1 Response Nov 27, 2009

I really do HOPE that my wife is fantasizing about another guy ******* her when I use a ***** on her when she sucks my ****. Sometimes when she's on top, I'll be playing with her **** and she'll reach down and take my hands. She'll grab each of my index fingers and begin stroking each one for a minute or two and then she'll begin alternately sucking each one like they're *****. It's pretty hot and it's a good indicator to me that if she ever gets over her hangups, we'll be on our way to an MFM and then a ******** can't be too far behind. She's a beautiful and desirable woman who really knows how to use her body.