Snakes Are Amazing Critters!

We were at a zoo once and when watching a snake show, my younger brother and I had a live 15 foot python slung around both of us.  He was beautiful.  We had never touched a snake before, and weren't sure of what to expect.  Amazingly, his skin was soft - like suede;  and it was really neat to feel his muscles gently rippling through his skin underneath our fingertips.    My mom and other brother looked on horrified and ready to bolt, while Dad smiled and took pictures!

It was one incredible experience!  :))

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I'd never ever do that.
I can't even see snake photo

They're very interesting creatures, and fascinating!!! I could never kill them. I think the Christian story of creation has done them more harm than anything. I know of this one guy who has pet snakes, and he is so very passionate about them. None of his snakes are de-fanged. Their venom is used to make so many medicines that cure certain cancers and other medical conditions. If they are pets, they can be very sweet and non-aggressive. If you look at them carefully, you'll see that their skin has beautiful patterns and sheen.

Remind me not to go on nature walks with you. You have a dangerous curiosity. I'll bet you like to stick your hand in cages at the zoo.

Yes, but I'm terrified of insects and bugs - so I think a nature walk might not happen anytime soon, unless it was winter and the ground covered in snow....(too cold for creepy-crawlies....)

We had all kinds of snakes on our old farm - rattlesnakes! I'm pretty sure they weren't amazing, but I was amazed that none of our many kids and dogs ever got bit. Thank God!

Rattlesnakes are too amazing!! ;P

Yes I've heard that a lot...but they are not slimy at all. Their skin is very soft and dry.

Snakes don't feel at all like what you expect do they? Some people even think they're slimey because they look shiny.