Here It Is. The Day Of Divorce

It has been a long wait and yesterday I received the day that my divorce is to be held. June 15. There is no time stated and says this gobbletigook and that gobbledigook. Something about conferences. Really? I don't need to have a ******* conference. I refuse to stay married to an anybody's loser and I'm sure as hell not staying with another woman's man who just happens to be married to me. He is such an idiot. Case in point: I receive the petition Him versus Me. This divorce was my idea. He offered me NOTHING after 35 years and five kids together. YET, he tells my kids that he "feels bad" and will be sneaking me the same amount of money that he gives me now. WTF? Why not just say that on the papers? I know ******* why. So he can stop doing it any time he pleases. He cheated and destroyed our lives together without so much as a single tear and now they expect me to "talk about it?" **** THAT. Then there is another option: UNCONTESTED. If he thinks that I'm signing those papers that say he's not giving me anything, he's just as dead wrong as he's been DEAD to me for the last almost two years. The stupidity of this idiot never ceases to amaze. The worst part of this whole thing? I have to look at his ugly lying face. I have never hated anyone like I hate this ******. I have pretty much given up on the mythical "karma" that everyone has assured me will "Come back around to him." Bullshit. It's not happening. And it's never going to happen. This is exactly why I am going to die disillusioned and bitter. I have always paid for the wrongs that I've done and have always believed that I would reap what I've sown. And buddy, I always do. I guess when you believe in God and in His Son, the rules are different than if you are a lying atheist that thinks nothing he ever does is wrong. They seem to just trip the light ******* fantastic with big happy **** eating grins on their faces. Because let's face it, folks. Some people are exempt from reaping what they've sown, like this shitpiece. This is causing me to lose my faith in everything that I have ever believed and I will never get over how ******* unfair this whole damn thing has been. I hope that no one will say to me again: Just forgive him. No ******* way. I hate him with a smoldering passion and cannot wait until he's dead.
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1 Response May 6, 2012

Well Delilah, first thing first: that's one hell of a scarey cat! Secondly, I do wish you the best in this crapy process. You are hurt by this fukztick's betrayal, and that has got to sting more than anything. Thirdly, you guys were married for a lifetime, and regarding income, assets, 401Ks... all of it is half yours. Settle for nothing less because it is is not about him giving you what he feels like. And fourthly, there will come a time when you have to put all of this behind you and live life for you. You cannot hold on to the hate forever because it will hurt you deep down in your very soul. If you ever should choose to forgive him, you would be doing it for you. Forgiveness is never really about the wrong is about the wronged having peace in their lives. All the best to you.