I Just Looove Them

I've always thought they were beyond cool but especially in the 90's I was promoting bands and alot of the guys in bands I'd meet had them. They just looked sooo sexy.  I've been working on mine for a few years now but they still have a ways to go. My hair is very very long (I could sit on it) so I get issues with snags and things like that. I have fun coloring them. They are many different colors, pink, blue, purple, green, red and I have a few braids in there too. Because my hair is so long I really had to think about it for a long time because it's taken me a long time to get it where it is. But I'm very happy with it. I just don't like being called a hippie because Im not a hippie. And I don't particularly like reggae.either. If I had to be classified I'm more of a grungy punk rocker. devil

TorturedLittleThing TorturedLittleThing
31-35, F
Jul 22, 2010