White Girl With Dreads

Im a white girl with dreads..........They are fairly new, about a month old. I love them but i am starting to become very selfconcious and thinking that they are a turn off to most guys, I dont know if i should attempt at taking them out or not :( i need reassurance or something :(
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Dreads take time to mature and felt up. Between 6 months to a year. If you give it enough time they will be gorgeous! Mine are fairly new as well. I have loads of friends who almost gave up but stuck with it and the results were amazing!

I agree with whatithinkyouthoughttheyknew, I'd also like to think you would want to be with someone who likes dreads. Most people dislike them because of misconceptions such as they are dirty. Keep'em clean and prove them wrong. Dreads are a personal choice, don't let anyone else define that choice for you. If they think your dreadies are unnattractive, let them go on their merry way. If someone is worthy of your attention then they will accept you dreads and all.
Baby dreads are also jerks. They can make you feel unfeminine when they are being fussy (or fuzzy, ha. I'm a tiny bit of a pun nerd sorry). I've only had mine for about 7 weeks. After week one I felt so unnattractive I had decided to cut them off (my hair wouldn't survive the comb-out process). I gave myself some time and now I'm sure I will never part with them. They still freak out and I still have my ugly days. It's nothing that some makeup, some clothes that make me feel nice and girly and a head wrap can't cure though.
I hope you haven't given up on them, dreads are awesome.

I think dreads look good one anyone. I'd love to see a pic

If you like dreads then I would like to think that you would want to be with a guy that likes dreads so don't worry if not everyone likes them, you are the only opinion that matters. I personally think dreads are awesome. x