Really Truly Loving My Hair For The First Time

I've been locked for nearly three years now and before that I was constantly engaged in hair-on-self esteem warfare. I've permed it, pressed it, curled it, braided it and covered it with wigs or scarves but till I took the leap and dreadlocked my hair I could never come to terms with its unruly, downright kinky, super curly in some places and slightly wavy in others nonsense. Now I absolutely love it, no bad hair days, lots of styles I can try and actual wash and go convenience.
AnattheDestroyer AnattheDestroyer
36-40, F
2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

How things look to date?

I have finally gotten the courage to dread my hair. Your journey sounds like mine and I find your post very encouraging. I have been dreading now for only 9 months. I guess I am in the "teenage stage" rebellious locks. I am trying to stick with it and hang in there. I can't wait till they get longer!