We Can't Be, But I Can Still Dream

He left. He went back to school. Me? I'm leaving for a year and a half to be a missionary in Mesa, AZ. New Year's Eve was the last time I will see him until I get back, at least. I may not see him for a full 2 years. Each night, I dream about him. Some are sweet, like him being there with me while I'm sleeping. Some are terrifying, like me walking in on him making out with another girl. I wake up from each more and more confused. I don't know why I dream the way I do, and I've given up on trying to translate them. I'm in a state of pure and udder melancholy. Each dream reveals a new desire or fear I have involving him. From just wanting him to hold me again, to another kiss, to a chance to tell him everything in my heart.

Last night's dream was my favorite. We were lying in the grass in a field outside of his hometown. It was dark, the stars were out. He just held me there, and it was wonderful. We kissed, effortlessly as our kisses are. And we just looked at the stars. Simple, romantic, and perfect.

I only wish I wasn't having to wait another two years to see if it could ever happen. I don't think he will wait for me.
DragonsAreReal DragonsAreReal
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013